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The goal of this blog is to act more as a stock research reference web site. I've always had an interest in the stock market and have purchased many different stocks over the years. Now I'd like to take it to the next level.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

12/02/07 Stock Portfolio

Well hello all my avid readers! It's been a while since my last post, but I promise I've been very busy with my investment portfolio.

Here's the quick summary:

STOCK % Gain/Loss % Portfolio
GRMN 76.06% 14.73%
STP 72.60% 13.44%
IBM 19.46% 10.54%
BUD 224.10% 10.32%
MLAB 16.73% 7.46%
JNJ 24.02% 6.91%
MMM 272.93% 5.81%
SJT 15.22% 5.14%
LH -3.90% 4.53%
APOG -4.22% 4.29%
DEO 127.67% 3.64%
INTC 117.20% 3.38%
EEB -0.34% 3.10%
BTJ 8.71% 2.56%
RISKY FUND -4.68% 2.35%
MRK 17.00% 1.82%

You'll notice a few things here since my last post. I was forced to sell QSII becuase it hit a loss point. IBM has had a significant change in gain/loss because I decided to sell a good portion of my earlier purchases in the company. Gateway (GTW) is gone, it was bought out (I still ended up with a slight loss on my stock purchase there).

Garmin has gone down since I last posted but primarily because I picked up some more of it, which averaged down my return on my first investment. Other then a scary bidding war with Tom Tom over a map company, Garmin has continued to be a really good company to own.

My best purchase since my last entry was in STP (Suntech Power). They are a solar power company based in China that I've been very pleased with. I took an interest in solar power as a play in the heightened environmentally sensitive world we now live in (It's nice to think Al Gore has helped make me some money). I researched quite a few different solar companies (actually took a quick 25% profit in a first solar investment) but in the end decided STP had the best balance sheet and stock price for my investment.

I've added to my MLAB holdings as is my investment strategy when a stock hits a 10% gain from my initial purchase (the same was also done with STP).

I've been slowly adding APOG to my portfolio, as it's continued to drop. I see an excellent company, with an excellent balance sheet, that for whatever reason is being ignored by the industry. I always treat those as opportunities.

For some diversity, I added EEB, an ETF which tracks BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) companies.

I also couldn't stop myself from purchasing some Bolt Technology (BTJ). I've been tracking it for quite a while and the price of the stuck relative to it's earnings and growth was just too much for me.

I'll be honest, I tend to let Bob do the majority of the work :) A lot of my recent purchases have been stocks that he has screened on his web site. I add them to an excel spreadsheet and then watch for dips. MLAB, APOG, BTJ are all companies I discovered from Bob.

I also started a "RISKY FUND", I have a tendency to only buy good sound companies. This is my experiment at some speculative investing. I'll continue to keep this as a small position in my portfolio.


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